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I can no longer promise any pages in the near future

Yesterday, Paulie’s heart, which always made room for one more person to love, grew too big for his body, and he had to leave us to find a place with more space for all the love he has to give.

I had a dream about ferrets before we met, went to a pet store and there he was, playing defend the fortress in an Octopus in a large pen full of “sibs”. I could not shake him from my mind, and went back for him the next day. We had a lot of adventures together-every major move after I taught middle school, he accompanied me. We were heart mates. 

He was 6 and a half, and fought the past two months with Adrenal, Insulinoma, and in the end heart disease snuck in. He chose me well, as I promised him, he got me through my toughest times, so I would get him through his.

Dook in peace, little fuzzie.

I’ll be taking time to grieve.


Imagine a necromancer marrying. Now imagine their spouse dies tragically, but they can bring them back but it requires a sacrifice. Knowing that their loved one would never allow the murder of an innocent person, the necromancer sacrifices themselves to resurrect their spouse.

I would read this webcomic … or book … or whatever.

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