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What sort of comics events would you like to see in the DC area?






I don’t even know if there is a proper answer to this, or if you have it. But I have been wanting to put together some sort of comics events. There is a lot to this (like finding spaces and money and things …).

But what would you want from a smaller-scale comics event here? A chance to meet with…

We’ve got two groups of comics creators in town that feature “getting together to talk about comics” as a semi-regular thing.

A gallery opening would be great. Or a comics-making workshop. Something that could work to promote the visibility of comics in the DC area.

Have you talked to the people at Fantom comics? Maybe there’s an opportunity to build a larger comics coalition in the area where different groups take turns putting on events.

whipstickisses has been putting together small shows at bars in the Baltimore area.  Would LOVE to see more of these pop up (hoping to put together a small show with our members to using them as a model for next year).

The Mansion at Strathmore had a gallery show of comic art that turned out really nicely!  I think this and a minishow combined would be great to see in DC.

Fantom has been doing a great job putting together events for the comics community.  I hear they’re doing an event for the upcoming 24 Hour Comic Day.  Getting together to talk comics in great, but I have the most fun at events where people get together to MAKE comics.

Oooohhhhh! US! US!! We’re dying to put together creative workshop events, all we need is an actual interest in attending these events.

If we started putting together monthly creative events like drawing from models, themed writing-and-drawing events, exquisite corpse-exercises and such, how many of y’all would come?

I would be there every chance I could get!! Fellow SCCers, what say you all?

I am so game!! I would love to get involved in workshop events!

James Hartwell, gardening.

After the disappearance of his twin sister and father into the Spiral, Amity stopped encouraging the Temporal magic skills that came from her son, James, being a born Player of the Universe. His love of life and especially plants and crystals, though, Illuminated his Physical abilities.

As Amity would discover, the unique balance of James’s Temporal and Physical magic attributes would develop into his special ability to cultivate life … and to heal.

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